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UNIK CONTENT PROMISE • As long as I can stimulate your language learning • Kick off your writing expression • Jolt you for a good chuckle.


Screen shot by BichoDoMato your host

Or you get sacrificed on the altar as an example to follow?


Keep organized and motivated

BichoDoMato — full map below


There is no success nor failure in language learning

Him: hijo, estamos lejos de la casa.

Me: Yes, Dad. I know. We are far from home.


I am a fraud. My son says I am a Wi-Fi dictator.

BichoDoMato’s picture at Algonquin Park Ontario : Author: wife to be
2001 Bicho’s younger butt • Author: BichoDoMato’s wife
  • 1. Stop looking at my butt and scroll down.
  • 2. Keep your hands where I can see them at all times.
  • 3. You dislike me already? Oh! Ok, just block me. No offence taken.
  • 4. You can skip any section, temporarily or forever. Skip directly to the Glorious Golden Showers if you wish, or The Big Picture.
  • 4. You are free to leave the roller coaster car at any time, at any height.
  • 5. Please make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride.
  • 7. Yes, there…


BichoDoMato — Woman on a high pool chair with cash in the hands.
Photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash

Going All In

If you can’t do it, Bicho will do it. — Jean Reno

My Views In The Real World


¿Por Qué No? — Warum nicht?

Shutterstock purchased by BichoDoMato — Author: Cookie Studio
  • Highly relate
  • Like the structure, love the punch
  • Ponder in thoughts
  • Cry on your pretzels

Below I prepared some comments extracts

  • I allowed myself a small «spoiler edit», not to ruin your story reading fun.
  • I did not pay anyone for these. No close friends, relatives or mothers listed.
  • SORRY! I had to limit to 10… I wanted to put them all but do not want to bore anyone or abuse of “non-modesty” points.
  • I will ask permission for naming individual's quotes below, and then I will tag bomb you like if there was no tomorrow! Stay put, it will come!

Story comment extracts


Something ethereal happens with Mr. Algo at 10

Hi, BichoDoMato here. Shutterstock description: Indoor portrait of stunned or shocked cute female model pointing up with index fingers, being intrigued and surprised with something while standing over white background. Advertisement concept
Shutterstock purchase by BichoDoMato Photographer: Cookie studio

10 Fans Clapperama?

Not Happy About This Bicho Editorial Revolution?


Please unsubscribe immediately — 10 of you. Thanks!

Sorry I am out of images… This is all I have left.

Dear daring Bicho Spills subscribers!

Anyway, that is not the topic, like always

  • Although I love Medium as a platform, this Newsletter template tool is “not up to par”. Have you suffered from it yet? You can’t even properly link things nicely with the rectangle. How on earth will I shamelessly plug myself?
  • This newsletter's purpose was solely for the “May I prank you”


MWC contest urgency

Hi there! BichoDoMato here. This picture displays a very muscular man (no shirt! — he looks like a fighter) breaking a long white brick in two, with fists! Another person is holting the brick being broken. That person is wearing a military suit.
Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

Medium Writing Contest


You can do this!

Hi there! BichoDoMato here! This picture displays a kid jumping in a pool, all wrapped on himself (herself?). The green blue of the sea background is stunning and matches well with the blue color of the infinite pool. What a picture! Cheers!
Photo by José Casado on Unsplash

Not being afraid anymore.

Make a first…


13.6 easy steps to glory. Do not bastardize #8.

BichoDoMato here. Hi there! Painting of a wolf growling at a girl very close to her face. THe girl is unimpressed. She is not scared. You shouln’t be either. :) Have a great day! Keep smiling. BichoDoMato
“Not afraid” — Author: Marc Haumont (France) — from BichoDoMato

No paper? Write it on the table. Trust me.

  1. Go to your clever comment. If you can still find it.
  2. Re-read. Enjoy its beauty. Pause, smile, laugh or cry.
  3. Inspire — breath in, that is.
  4. Hit the green “write” button. You got this.
  5. Hit “paste”. Ahhhhh — breathe out that was.
  6. Edit, embellish to your taste.
  7. Find a non-redundant picture — use the built-in tool.
  8. Create a great “mind no mercy” grabbing title.
  9. Repeat for Sub title — format properly. Wipe hands of sweat.
  10. Re-read.
  11. Re-Re-Read. Friends? …


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