I lost 300 to 400 followers!

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Apparently, there was some little clean-up going on…

Did you lose followers recently?

You are so lucky.

I did too! 300–400, I lost count.
I was not following the numbers anymore. 😄

No, no, no!
Don’t cry on your pretzels!
This is excellent news!

I know, I know, this dips…



Fear no fear, you will still be encouraged to write and re-write these, ad nauseam

BichoDoMato — Bicho Spills for Medium Blog — Ne fear!
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Warning: Shocking content ahead.
Bring your blanket to cover your eyes
and popcorn to cover your mouth!


What a great paragraph title, I don’t know why I waited so long to exploit it and tilt you into pure joy.

Let’s do that again! Ready to tilt more?


Haha! Unique content…



I will please the readers by pleasing myself

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My Way

I’m done.
I’m free.
I hope.

I won’t sell short.
I won’t sell long.
I’ll just be.

You may like.
You may hike.
I’ll just be.

I won’t look.
I won’t hook.

I won’t substitute.
I won’t prostitute.
There is no fee.

I won’t obey anymore.
My brain won’t spike…





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