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UNIK CONTENT PROMISE • I want to stimulate language learning • Kick off your writing expression • Jolt you for a good chuckle.


Keep organized and motivated

BichoDoMato — full map below

Ready to learn* a new language?

Or are you stalled, can’t remember what you learned in the past?

Do you want to shift gears?

Are you tired of postponing this dream over and over?


It is never too late if you are 21, 45, or 103.

There is no success…


Top writer in Creativity! (well…part of the list)

Hi there! BichoDoMato here. Screen shot of a Medium e-mail announcing I was top writer in Creativity. Yeah!
Screenshot by BichoDoMato

Remember this post about Tags and urging you to brag?

Well, well.. Here I am following my wise advice.

Not so shabby, actually.

So I made the luxurious Top 50, including Tim, Tom and Jessica, out of:

  • 48,000 other very creative writers.
  • 140,000 other very, utmost creative stories!
  • I get…


Do you absolutely need a subtitle? I’ll get back to you.

Hi there! BichoDoMato here. This is a picture of the German singer Rola. On this picture, she had blue hair (!), wearing a yellow blouse, nice half-moon necklace. She is looking over her white eyeglasses. She is totally…gorgeous.
YouTube Screenshot — Fabulous German Artist: Rola Song Title: Dinero

On Sept 21st, 2021 around 20:00, I study this e-mail from Medium Partner Program. It is about a system error, causing pennies missing for a given day, at the end of August. The eMail said that I will be diligently compensated for the mischief. I was.


I am a fraud. My son says I am a Wi-Fi dictator.

Photographer: BichoDoMato’s wife

Are you a fraud too?

……Please enter the roller coaster car, pick a comfy seat.

  • 1. Stop looking at my abs and scroll down.
  • 2. Keep your hands where I can see them at all times.
  • 3. You dislike me already? Oh! Ok, just block me. No offence taken.
  • 4…

100 and Under — Guest Writer

Ever wanted to be a Chief Editor of a big shot magazine?

Hi there! BichoDoMato here. Picture of dices thrown on blue background.
Photo by Edge2Edge Media on Unsplash

Here is your chance!

All instructions are in the story below.

Hope you will like the opportunity.

The method to my madness

Writing improvements comes with practice right? With reading a lot of books, magazines and news articles. Also reading other colleagues here. Observing their style, their formatting, and their kinks.

We learn by mimicking…


Rest assured we will fix this mess

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

Classification: unclassified information — Make up what you can of it.

Given the extraordinary times and associated measures, we are leaving BichoDoMato out of this communication. He is gradually recovering in company of a large expresso, in the spa at The Daily Cuppa. He is trying some new yoga facial…


More to say really?

Hi there! Image content: BichoDoMato large cup displaying. Also: Bicho Spills drink recipe: — Lots of varied inputs — A dose of imagination — Some inspiration — Valuable feedback to incorporate Stir until your head spins!
Screenshot: BichoDoMato

Have a sip, no double dips!

Happy to be here!

I asked the Universe. I also asked Barb Dalton and Katie Michaelson for help. Ask the Universe anything, but if you want your pretzel hot, you have to get up and get it!

This brings me to this topic!

Always wanted to be a Chief Editor at a big shot magazine?



Do not be shy, take advantage of the experience!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Classification: Unusual — Unprecedent — Interesting?

I want to see bloody red ink all over my draft story. Embellish it like if it was getting ready for prom night!


  • One of the best ways to improve your writing is editing others’ work. Better than you (me??), worse than you (me!)…


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