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Hi there. Internet famous meme edited by BichoDoMato. A guy walking with his girlfriend/wife turns back looking at a lady passing by. The wife/girlfriend is shocked. Here the guy represents the “Readers” (you!) and the passing lady is Bicho.
Screenshot of a famous internet meme, edited with MS Paint Extra beginner Version. By BichoDoMato and Dorky


You may be familiar with the drill, but you may not know that this is what you really need to do. Following is not enough. Following is just dreaming to see eventually something about the author you follow appear in your trashy feed.

I saw Algo’s hideous rear end, up…


Stand your ground, trust your values

Photo by Eduardo Soares on Unsplash

I went to the bank, armed with determination.

I Needed To Buy a Brand New Bulky Fax Machine

Those ancient new fax machines cost a fortune! I know, I know; these days you can fax for free from your Google sunglasses. As long as you watch the ads and click every other time. I don’t enjoy faxing online because of…


5 Months of lesson’s learned, and a 90-day plan preview

Hi there. BichoDoMato here. Shutterstock description: Amazed couple with open mouth on line with a laptop lying on a couch in the living room in a house interior
Shutterstock by Antonio Guillem photo ID: 520100317. Courtesy of BichoDoMato

Note: Some forward-looking statements will be about forward-looking statements. Look no further and subscribe to Bicho’s story notifications.

I promise you I’m not going to yapper on endlessly about my penniless life in these newsletters. And by the way, they are NOT newsletters. They are notifications of Bicho stories. Hit…


Traveling back in time showcasing the best Bicho story

Screenshot & AI-Generated NFT Art: BichoDoMato

CAUTION: sensitive historical content below, some may suddenly get a headache, tremblings, or urge to ******** somewhere. Call my lawyer if anything.

+ Nat, I won’t even ask you for the 4th time. Unless you insist.

Yesterday we were having a profound philosophical discussion on Twitter about time traveling and…


You may like me so much, you may lick me like a cat

Hi there! Bichodomato here. Picture of the famous wigling cat. The cat looks devious, ready to jump on its prey. The eyes are big and hyper-focused (the pupil is hyper dilated)
Screenshot of famous internet willing cat Ref: tenor.com/view/cat-wiggle-gif-11532312

Hi there.

As Loudt Darrow would elegantly put it ‘Hi there, big head”.

This Section Is For The Big Heads (And Cheeses)…

If you have a colossal head, you do not need the pleasant story meanders below. Just rise up from couch or ground, shake your booty softly and click right here. …


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